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dining table using recycled wood and upcycled junk saw blades


Discover the artistry of furniture making fueled by a deep passion for craftsmanship and sustainability. Embrace the beauty of locally sourced materials as they transform into exquisite pieces that tell a story of both nature and creativity. With each stroke of the chisel and careful joinery, these furniture artisans weave a tale of connection to the land and a commitment to environmental harmony. Each creation becomes a testament to the fusion of art and eco-consciousness, an embodiment of the love for both timeless design and the planet we call home. Experience the enchantment of furniture that not only adorns your spaces but also leaves a positive footprint on the world.

original furniture design and interior design by patrocinio


bipyramid table

A fusion of rustic & modern, a contrast between warm wood and cold metal.

Custom designed for this residence, the base is a bipyramid metal in powder coated antique finish. 

Century old mango wood with and exquisite grain accentuated with a black river of resin



reclaimed furniture pieces to be added here



eco industrial furniture to be added here



scandi + filipino style furniture

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